Marijuana can simply be refered to as that part of the Cannabis indica or Cannabis sativa plant including the dried flower clusters and leaves of this plant, smoked or ingested as an illicit drug in order to create a feeling of being euphoric or “high.” But its reffered to as the world most valuable plant and yet the most misunderstood plant, for this reason use of marijuana is illegal under federal law in many countries of the world, the United State included. But certain jurisdictions permit regulated use of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes. That is, its use is permitted for its presumed benefits in treating symptoms associated primarily with Cancer and AIDS, such as nausea and loss of appetite. However, There are so many health benefits of cannabis many of which are being ignored on a daily base. Some of these benefits may include marijuana acting as a neuroprotective agent in the human body as well as helping to prevent cancer and many other deadly diseases.

Unlike in countries such as Amsterdarm, Canada, the Netherlands and some other countries, the sales and use of weed are legal in some states in the United States.
However, these states do have different cannabis laws. While some allow the sale and use of Cannabis for medical use and recreational purposes, others allow the sale and use of marijuana for strictly
medical purposes.
The other States put a restriction on home cultivation. Nevertheless, one can now buy weed from online as well as in other legal stores or dispensary. Before I go any further, bellow is a list of
countries in United States where weed for sale is available legally.

The Medical use of Cannabis is Legal, with doctor’s recommendation for people under or above the age of 21 can buy weed for medical purpose in the following states in the US.

Washington D.C/ New Jersey / Rhode Island / Oregon / North Dakota / New Hampshire / Montana / California / Delaware / Illinois / Hawaii /
/ Maine / Colorado / Vermont / Maryland / West Virginia / Florida / Alaska / Ohio / New York / Arizona / Connecticut / Nevada / Massachusetts /
Pennsylvania / Arkansas /.

Despite the restrictions recreational purpose or adult use, marijuana can be bought legally in nine states in the US all of which are;
/ Vermont / Washington D.C/ California / Alaska / Maine / Nevada / Colorado / Massachusetts / Oregon / District of Columbia / Northern Mariana Islands /
/ Guam /.

I’ll move on to how to purchase marijuana now that you know all of the states where marijuana usage and sale are legal. 
You can buy cannabis online or in legal stores, as mentioned earlier, but if you want to buy cheap weed, you should buy marijuana online. 

For beginners, however, knowing where to get pot and where to buy cheap pot is still inadequate knowledge.

Beginners who want to start using marijuana should follow foolproof guide to purchasing high-quality marijuana products in dispensaries or online. 
So, let’s see how you can buy cannabis both online and in stores in the United States.

Beginner’s Guide to Buying Cannabis

Select the appropriate cannabis plant.
For people who have been smoking marijuana for long time, choosing the right cannabis plant is easy. 
Beginners, on the other hand, cannot say the same because they lack product awareness. 
Nonetheless, we will show you how to pick the appropriate cultivar.
Cannabis comes in number of chemovars, also known as strains. These sativa, indica, and hybrid strains are sold under number of names. The sativa strain is considered to have higher levels of tetrahydocannabinol, cannabinoid. When this is used, it typically provides more energizing feeling. When used, the indica strain has less energetic effect and creates drowsy or sedative sensation. The hybrids incorporate the effects of both the indica and sativa strains. When the cannabis hybrid stain is used, it causes drowsy as well as an energetic effect. Blue Dream, OG Kush, Harlequin, Pennywise, Strawberry Banana, and Jack the Ripper are some of the most common marijuana strains on the market.
Harlequin is marijuana product with CBD-to-THC ratio of 5:2. Since it is sativa strain, it has an energizing effect. It is well-known for its pain relieving properties. Jack the Ripper, also known as JTR, is another sativa hybrid strain marijuana oil.This marijuana product, named after notorious serial killer from London in 1888, is known for offering one of the most energizing highs. It is used to treat anxiety, nausea, discomfort, and even depression in medical settings. Pennywise, another common marijuana product with 1:1 CBD:THC ratio, is of the indica strain. It has soothing and euphoric psychoactive effect.
Pennywise is cross between Harlequin and Jack the Ripper. Blue Dream is Sativa dominant marijuana strain with Californian origin. You can tell by its name that it gives you calming and euphoric feeling after you use it. Strawberry Banana is  an indica strain of marijuana. THC and CBD are distributed in 70:30 ratio.Because of its sweet fruity scent, Strawberry Banana was named after cross between Banana Kush and Strawberry. 
After using it, you will feel comfortable and calm. It is often recognized as one of the best marijuana items available for purchase. Finally, OG Kush is marijuana strain with an obscure origin but legendary reputation. It has more uplifting and energizing effect when used.


Identify the right products
Marijuana has been around for long time, both in usage and as crop. Cannabis production and use can be traced back to the 3rd millennium BC, according to written records. However, this goes on to suggest that various stages of evolution have existed in cannabis plants or marijuana products. Marijuana items 100 years ago may not have been the same as those available today.As result, as novice, you must find the appropriate product on the market
It should come as no surprise that many items sold online and in legal dispensary stores are of low quality. To avoid purchasing contaminated marijuana product, look for credible online and dispensary stores. To begin, make list of stores where you can purchase marijuana. Second, do some independent testing to see if these stores are trustworthy.You can go to some websites that sell marijuana and read customer feedback about their goods and services. When buying marijuana, it is recommended that you select store that is not only well-known but has also been selling in the market for long time.
If you’re looking to buy marijuana online, the majority of reputable sites will be located in either California or Colorado. You must also take care to avoid falling victim to marijuana online sales scams. When ordering from an online retailer, you should also ensure that your personal information is secured.
You should avoid online marijuana distribution services that sell to states where marijuana is still illegal under US law. You can also avoid online stores  with no contact details or website that is poorly built. Finally, make sure you pay for marijuana online with reliable  methods.
Evaluate the product quality.
Now that you’ve heard about the varieties to look for when purchasing marijuana, you’ll need to know how to test it for consistency. Unlike several other  items on the market today, evaluating the quality of marijuana is easy. Your sense organs are everything you need to conduct marijuana quality check.  So let’s have look at how we can do it.
* Take sniff (Smell)
Smelling healthy marijuana product is one way to say if it’s good. Though you might not be able to do so when shopping online, you can read other people’s reviews on the product’s scent. When purchasing marijuana from legal pharmacy, make sure to smell it first.Marijuana strains have range of  scents, ranging from fruity to woody. They do, however, have one thing in common: they all have heavy smell. You may be buying low quality product if the fragrance isn’t very good. You should also stop purchasing marijuana items that have an unpleasant musty odor.
* Feel
Feeling marijuana product with your fingertips is another quick way to assess its consistency. Not dry, but somewhat moist and quick to break up is what good marijuana product should be like. It should also not crumble into dust-like substances when touched.
*Look through its color
Marijuana loses its potency when it is processed in unhealthy conditions or for an extended period of time. good marijuana product, on the other hand,  can be identified by its color.You may request visual inspection of the product. According to Matt Huron, CEO of Good Chemistry, major dispensary  chain in Colorado, “sight is huge indicator, particularly for novice.” Marijuana comes in number of colors, including red, purple, blue, and even deep  green. A white crystalline material should be present on healthy cannabis flowers. This  suggests that there is lot of trichome material, which means 
you’re getting good things. Powdery mildew and  brownishgreen on the other hand, should be avoided, you’re probably buying bad product. Also, stop
 purchasing weed that looks too whitish, as  this is another telltale sign you’re having bad product.
* Have faith in your intuition.
Buying quality marijuana products as beginner can be challenging, but you must learn to trust your instincts. Even if you know which cultivars would  work best for you and can monitor for consistency, don’t buy cannabis from pharmacy or online shop if your gut tells you not to.
*Assemble the assistance of friends.
You will quickly become victim of an online sale scam if you buy marijuana online. This is particularly true for people looking to buy cannabis online for low price. If you see cheap marijuana for sale on website or on social media for ridiculously low price, you should think twice about buying it. You should enlist the assistance of friend to avoid falling prey to scam. Request that friend who has been purchasing marijuana for long time lead  you
to reputable dispensary or online retailer.
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