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About Us

Ganja Guys Online Dispensary

From a family of five and in a community of over 500 thousand residents with no access to financial aid from the gov’t to support their medicinal needs, we decided to do something by finding a cheaper yet reliable and effective solution to their health needs of pain, anxiety and panic attacks. We have over the years been able to resolve such issues by providing herbal remedies through successful research in cannabinoids and their health benefits . We have with great success so far been able to offer a helping hand financially to the low imcome needy.

We joined the national cancer institute in 2010 and with support the in research funds we have been able to grow all indoor, top shelf and high THC cannabis and also highly effect cannabis products to deal with canceric cells, pain and anxiety. We now ship to all US states and other parts of the world. We consider safety hence the reason why all packages are mailed as discrete packages and we also provide tracking numbers to help keep eyes on the packages while on transit until they get to you

Our Vision

Our vision has never changed. With our roots being based on a simple slogan being ” Buy Cannabis Online For All “, We have always envisioned a world where cannabis could be a free lunch for everyone or at least as easy to order weed as it is with Pizza. We keep pursuing that dream and hope as our technics advance from product to the chain of distribution we will keep reaching more and more of those in need

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