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Sherbert Dab is a feminized cannabis strain developed by Big Head Seeds. She is an Indica-dominant hybrid known for her deep purple flowers holding crystal-covered buds with 21%THC and a sweet and creamy aroma.

Sherbet Dab is an Indica-dominant hybrid and a thing of beauty attained by crossing a well performing Cookies variety with Indica. This turns out to be an ultimate combo as it yields a potent plant, packed with flavour and resin delivering delicious buds in as little as 7 weeks of flower!

Cool Her Down for Stunning Purple Flowers

This strain is definitely one for lovers of the Cookies genetic lineage, Sherbert Dab retains all her best qualities and then some! Her Indica-dominant genetics are obvious in her dense, compact buds which seem to be covered in a thick layer of resin! She boasts impressive potential yields up to 500 g/m2 within in an optimal flowering time between 7–9 weeks. Owing to her Cookies heritage, she is known to produce gorgeous purple flowers if kept in cooler temperatures in the late flowering stage – this can also ‘shock’ the plant, so nutrients are recommended in this period to help her recover.

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