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G-13 strain Northern Lights Skunk is high-yielding strain with outstanding resin and undeniable potency.
The G13 Northern Lights Skunk performs well both indoors and outdoors.
With taste that is more reminiscent of the wonderful Skunk, deep intense sweet richness, but with significantly higher resin production and yields.
It has calming, relaxing effect and fruity smell and taste.
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G-13 strain online

G-13 strain online, Cannabis news. Cannabis stocks.  G-13 is one of the rare indicas that produces an uplifting high with no fatigue.

This is a strain that truly provides you with a high like no other while completing medicating patients to the point of utter body sedation. Cannabis news

If you are a Sativa-lover there is no possible way you will enjoy this strain and as a matter of fact, you will have your socks completely knocked off. Cannabis stocks

The body high associated with G-13 is very warm and very comforting and is more than capable of producing euphoric and uplifting effects. Although the smoke itself is harsh, you are going to have a great feeling pulsing throughout your body. Cannabis stocks. G-13 strain online

G13 is a very strong strain of cannabis indica that is the subject of many urban legends. According to some accounts, the CIA, FBI, and other agencies gathered the best strains of marijuana from breeders all over the world. At a super-secret installation at the University of Mississippi, they bred many new super hybrids in the late 1960s. Allegedly, a single cutting of this plant was liberated by an unnamed technician and bred for the masses.

Although the legends are probably not true, G13 delivers effects like no other. If you have the opportunity, definitely partake in this strain.

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